One of the staples of a traditional wedding has always been bouquets. Taking several trips to the florist, you must decide what kind of flowers you want to take with you down the aisle as well as what your girls are going to have as well. Should they be the same flower? The same color? Well, what if they weren’t flowers at all? Some brides are saying no to floral bouquets for their bridesmaids, and instead replacing them with these equally awesome alternatives:

Every girl needs her purse with her – but we doubt you’re going to want her to walk down the aisle with a big, chunky bag. Well, that’s what clutches are for! They’re super fashionable and there are available in virtually any style and color out there that would fit the theme you’re looking for. Plus, this is something that your girls can use long after the vows have been exchanged.

Pinwheels always make me think about fun summer days as a kid. Bring that playful touch into your nuptials by giving each of your girls a colorful pinwheel to carry with them on the big day. These are especially perfect for spring or summer weddings where the light breeze can bring the pinwheels to life.

Your bridesmaids will love you for this one, because not only are muffs fashion-forward, they’re warm – great for tying the knot during the winter months or an on unexpectedly windy spring day. They offer a classy elegance perfect for any formal wedding.

Much like the pinwheels, balloons add a fun, quirky touch to any wedding – and lots of color. Give your girls a balloon that matches the color scheme for bold pictures that will be a blast to look back on.

Also great for a spring or summer wedding, dainty parasols provide sun protection and are super adorable. These props take your nuptials back to a time of simplicity and elegance.

If you’re a beach bride, get all nautical on your bridesmaids by having them carry bundles of shells with them down the aisle. It sticks with the beach theme and looks naturally beautiful. All of the different colors and textures provide a unique arrangement that would leave even Ariel teeming with jealousy.

If you’re going for a “Great Gatsby” type of feel, feathers are perfect. They add texture and there are styles out there that could adapt to a casual or formal wedding. Jay and Daisy would be proud to see you rocking the 1920s-era style.

Which one of these bouquet alternatives is your favorite? Share your thoughts with us!

Photo credit: LeahRHood Etsy Shop