You may call yourself a hipster or simply take a liking to counter-culture and witty banter. Either way, we have plenty of hipster invitations that match your taste in thick-rimmed glasses and vintage sneakers. Check out these top 10 hipster wedding invitations:

1. Hipster Silhouette Invitation
With a funky hairstyle accompanied by her groom’s thick glasses and skinny tie, this invite screams hip. It has just the perfect pop of color – not too over the top and not understated, either.

2. Spectacular Chic Invitation
Hipsters sure do love their eyeglasses and hey, we have a wedding invite that truly evokes that love! The name of your and your loved one will be surrounded in a variety of eyeglasses helping to bring out your personalities.

3. Love Mix Invitation
With a vintage cassette tape design, this adorable invite will leave your guests saying “aww.” The design takes you back in time to and puts a focus on the timeless love you two have for one another.

4. Old School Invitation
The background on this invite is really what sets it apart from other invitations – it has a chalkboard-style design that highlights your names in your choice of color and lettering style. It takes me back to the days of elementary school … like the name implies, old school.

5. Bike for Two Invitation
Is there anything cuter than a bike built for two? (Those are deceivingly hard to ride, but still adorable). The navy blue color stands out against the stark white background.

6. Kinda Quirky – Olive – Foil Invitation
Make the names of you and your loved one really stand out with this foil invitation. The out-of-the-ordinary olive color makes your names pop.

7. Moroccan Beauty – Citrus – Invitation
Now this one is different (in a very good way). The pop of yellow amid shades of orange and brown truly give off a Moroccan type feel. Your guests will be wowed at the colors and the fact that they’ve probably never seen an invite like it before!

8. Feather Monogram Invitation
Fancy patterned feathers fill this invite and the subtle color gives it the perfect touch. The text really stands out among the design, making it easy to read (and fun to look at!).

9. Art Deco Border Invitation
If you and your future spouse are the artsy type, this is the perfect invite for you. It’s scalloped patterned borders in a gold shade provide the perfect frame against the bold text.

10. Hip Type – Berry – Invitation
Your guests could spot this invite from a mile away. The bright berry color helps it to stand out. The text is also printed in a unique format using brackets and a dotted border.

What’s your favorite hipster wedding invitation? Share your thoughts with us!