Gift registries may seem simple enough: You tell your guests where you would like your wedding gifts to come from. Although we wish it was that easy, there’s a little more thought that must go into the process if you don’t want six blenders and a hideous dinnerware set. I’ve got the ins and outs of how to go about registering for gifts.

Don’t wait to register
Register as soon as possible – like right after you announce your engagement! People are probably going to want to send some gifts your way following that bombshell of an announcement. By registering early, your guests won’t have to guess as to what to get you (and we’re assuming you don’t want that either). Even if you just have a small selection of things for guests to browse, that’s better than nothing.

Go ahead, pick a few
Do you love Crate & Barrel but you’re also a fan of Bed Bath & Beyond? Well, choose both! According to Real Simple, two to three places is ideal. You may want to consider stores that are going to be located somewhat close to your guests. While there’s always the option of online shopping, this gives your guests another option. You’ll want to cover your bases and choose a kitchen store, a home goods store and one department store.

Think about what you really need
That ice cream maker might be adorable, but you’ll likely use it once and let it collect dust in the cupboard for years to come. Sit down with your better half and come up with a list of things that you’re really going to need in your life together. Think staple items like serving pieces, dinner plates, silverware, glassware, oven mitts, a coffeemaker, etc. It’s also important to think about how you live. For example, if you and your loved one are avid campers, you may want to think about asking your guests for some traditional camping equipment!

Consider a wide range of price points
You’ll want to be registering for items that your guests can actually afford, otherwise you may not be getting anything! The Knot suggested registering for items under $50, under $75, under $100 and under $200 to give your guests a wide range of options.

Continue to update your registry
As your wedding date approaches, you’ll want to take items off of the registry that guests have already purchased. If the list is getting a bit slim, update it with additional items that you may need so everyone has a large array of things to choose from.

Do you have anymore essential registry tips you would like to share? Let us know!