The wedding invitations you send out will help your guests to envision what your big day will look like. An elegant invite could imply that the wedding is a more formal event, while quirky text with lots of color could mean that your special day will be more casual. These invitations should leave guests filled with anticipation for the big day to arrive. And just like your ensemble, there are plenty of ways to enhance and embellish your invitations to make them look better than you ever imagined.

Washi tape
You may have seen this craft-staple on Pinterest more than a few times – and there’s a reason for it! It’s perfect for any DIY project. It feels much like masking tape does. But trust me, it looks way better. It comes in a bevy of colors and patterns, allowing you to create fun, elegant and intricate invitations. Pick out colors and patterns that match your wedding style and use them as a fun border on your invite or cut them out into different shapes or designs to go with the theme of the stationery. The possibilities are endless!

Sewing designs
This idea is sew cool! Use those sewing skills your grandma taught you and stitch a bit of thread around the invite for a border that contributes both color and texture or use the thread to create a hand-sewn design.

Let’s be honest, what couldn’t use a little bit of sparkle? This versatile embellishment is perfect for invitations whether you want to use a whole lot or just a few.

Add the perfect finishing touch to your invites by wrapping a bit of ribbon or twine around them. Twine provides a rustic touch, while ribbon can evoke elegance.

Lined envelopes
The envelopes are often an afterthought when it comes to sending out invitations. But with lined envelopes, these babies can look just as stylish as the invitations and help to coordinate the entire look. Choose from a variety of colors and patterns to find one that’s meant for your big day.

What will you be using to enhance your invitations? Share your thoughts with us!