You know the story, this Disney princess went from rags to riches and left her glass slipper behind for her prince charming to find before the clock struck midnight. I’m talking about the one, the only, Cinderella. If you need a little brushing up on your Disney princess history, Cinderella’s father remarried a devil woman, also known as the evil stepmother. This mother figure is very cruel and rude to the young Cinderella, making her do household chores 24/7 and favoring her own daughters heavily. But this chick turned things around and showed her stepmother who was boss by marrying the handsome prince and looking like a bombshell in that classic ballgown every little girl seeks to find in her size.

What bride doesn’t want to resemble Cinderella on her big day? Good news, you don’t have to have a fairy godmother and a pumpkin that turns into a magic carriage to have your nuptials resemble this Disney princess. Here are a few ways to incorporate Cinderella into your wedding theme:

First things first: The ballgown
A Cinderella wedding deserves an over-the-top princess ballgown filled with anything from sparkle and shine to lots of tulle – or all of the above! Tea-length dresses also have plenty of va-va-voom for the occasion, like this dress, found on Pinterest.

Wedding invitations
You better send out this Happily Ever After Invitation-Cinderella before the clock strikes midnight! The romance of this invite swirls around the text for stationery that just screams Disney princess. The light blue shade in the intricate border also resembles Cinderella’s dress to a T.

Fairy tale flowers
The colors that would work best for a Cinderella-themed wedding would likely be an array of silvers, whites and light blues. For a bit of texture in the arrangements, add some pearls for some color and shine.

Toast in style
Raise a glass to your marriage with Cinderella’s Ball Flutes. The magic of the Disney film can be seen right on the glass and is┬áthe perfect keepsake by which to remember your big day.

Top your cake with royal charm
Instead of the classic cake topper of a happy couple, raise the stakes by topping your cake with something Cinderella herself would be proud of: A crown! It adds a bit of sparkle and shine to your sweet treat and adheres to the theme perfectly.

Leave your big day just like Cinderella
Believe it or not, you can actually make the grand exit you have always dreamed of since you were a little girl. Research various carriage rentals because many offer Cinderella-inspired options. If not, ask for a white and/or gold carriage that will work just as well for the occasion. Don’t worry – this one won’t turn into a pumpkin.

Do you have anymore great ideas to deck out a wedding like Cinderella would? Share your thoughts with us!