One of the most common pieces of advice I hear from brides is to stay organized during the planning process. There’s going to be friends and relatives offering up advice, phone numbers, contact information, websites, etc. Unfortunately, Pinterest just doesn’t suffice for your main organizational tool (if only). A wedding planning notebook is a great way to have all of your wedding stuff in one place that you can bring with you wherever you go. Of course, if you’re more tech savvy, there are many organization templates available online, should you prefer that option. Today, we’re going with the traditional three-ring binder. Take a look at everything you’ll need to stay organized for the big day:

Why you’ll want a wedding binder by your side
Aside from staying insanely organized for your wedding, there are other benefits this organizational tool will throw your way. One of the biggest advantages is money-saving. According to Organized Artistry, you’ll be prepared when a vendor wants to talk about price. If someone quotes you a price in writing and you later can’t find it, they may try to charge you more for their services.

A binder will also be saving you a whole lot of time. And we know how precious time can be when planning for a wedding. With all of the vital information you need in one spot, you won’t be searching all over the house for the number for the florist or repeatedly asking for the addresses of your guests.

What goes in my wedding binder?
In order to keep everything in your binder neat and organized, PopSugar recommends having dividers with pockets and tabs, and clear protector tabs. All of these items will help you to divide your wedding binder into sections like budget, attire, venue, decor, photography and more. The clear protector sheets are handy for inserting things like fabric swatches, magazine tear-outs, sample wedding invitations and anything else you may need. You’ll also want a business card holder to keep track of the different vendors and their contact information.

For important details like budgets, many wedding sites, like Martha Stewart Weddings, offer brides printable versions of worksheets to help you sort out your budget, guest list, photographer, flowers, reception seating and more. It’s amazing – Martha never leaves out any details.

Keep it updated
Once you have figured out a vendor, photographer, florist, etc., take out all the information regarding the vendors that you did not go with for your big day. This will help to reduce clutter and help you stay on task.

Will you be organizing your wedding using a planning notebook? Share your thoughts with us!