Among some classic combinations like peanut butter and jelly, spaghetti and meatballs, Brad and Angelina and Batman and Robin, should be this amazing wedding color combination: Grey and yellow. The brightness of the yellow just pops perfectly against the neutral grey color, making for beautiful and whimsical photos. Naturally, our style board this week focuses on this amazing color combinations and the best ways you can incorporate them into your wedding:

Wedding invitations
This Bicycle Built for Two – Yellow Invitation is perfect for a grey and yellow wedding not only because it matches the color style, but because this invite evokes a feeling of simplicity. Grey and yellow are two such simple colors, but when brought together create a jaw-dropping beauty. These invitations are backed in grey with white and yellow print. And the bicycle on top? How adorable is that?

Reception decor
When life gives you lemons … transform them into centerpieces for the reception! That’s how the saying goes, right? But seriously, lemons are a gorgeous way to create an eye-popping decor piece. I can’t take my eyes off the one on our style board. So simple, yet so elegant. All you have to do to create this masterpiece is slice up some lemons, fill the vase until you reach the top, fill with water and place the bouquet in! It doesn’t get any easier (or less expensive) than that!

You could also use lemons to create an especially unique guest card. Wrap ribbon around a lemon, attach the name card, and you have the perfect place card to set on each plate. It’s an easy way to provide a pop of color and texture.

Classic favors
Yes, even your wedding favors can be grey and yellow. And again … super simple. Fill your favorite candy (preferably wrapped in grey foil to go with the theme) and pack them in a small yellow box to give to your guests on their way out.

Bridal party style
At first, grey bridesmaids dresses may seem a bit on the dull side. But, oh is this a beautiful color when paired with a sunny yellow. The contrast of the two colors create a chic and modern feel among the bridal party. And one of the best parts is, with such a neutral color, these dresses can be amped up with accessories. Grey patterned dresses also work especially well.

What’s your favorite grey and yellow piece from our style board? Share your thoughts with us, we’d love to hear from you!