Have you ever thought about incorporating ways in which your guests can really be a part of your wedding reception? And no, we’re not talking about having them join you for the first dance or be a part of the cutting of the cake. Although, this idea does involve food (the best ideas usually do). Having interactive food stations at wedding receptions is all the rage. This isn’t your typical buffet and your guests are sure to fall in love with this idea. I’ve got the lowdown on these modern grub stations and why you should consider them for your upcoming nuptials:

First….what are they?
Food stations are a fun and more modern alternative to buffet tables. Each station can feature a different cuisine, served with unique presentation and allows guests to create their own dinner plate. They can create a one-of-a-kind burger, sweet sundae, taco or pizza! All you have to do is lay out all the ingredients and let your guests go at it.

They encourage movement
Having these food tables really encourages guests to get up and get moving. They can mingle with one another at or around the food table while they create their dinner plate. They can take as little or as much as they want and keep coming back for more! After all, dancing works up quite an appetite.

Variety of foods
If any or all of your guests are especially picky, have a few food stations! One could be a vegetarian station while the other could include more meat-inspired meals. You could also have stations filled with your favorite foods to really give your guests some options when it comes to the reception dinner. The tables can have a wide variety of cuisines or only a few different foods!

Food station ideas
The food ideas for these interactive stations are literally endless. Think of your favorite food. If it’s a non-traditional wedding food like pizza, burgers, stir-fry or macaroni and cheese, guess what? Your guests can still chow down on these delectable items. Who said you have to choose between chicken and fish for the wedding meal? I’d be more down with choosing between sushi and deep dish pizza. Omg I’m Getting Married suggested having a macaroni and cheese bar where guests can choose their own delicious toppings from bacon and chives to sour cream and even more cheese. Other ideas from The Wedding Planning Institute of Canada include a baked potato bar, a pad thai station, sushi station (YUM), pasta station, soup station, pizza station, etc. See what I mean about unlimited options? You really can’t go wrong with any food.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m absolutely starving after writing this.

Do you have any ideas for a fun interactive food station? Share your thoughts with us!