Once you get back from your honeymoon, you get to begin daily life with your new spouse! Besides showing off your tan and your wedding ring, there are some other essential to-dos you have to get to. Although these aren’t the most glamorous of tasks, they must be done seeing as you did have a wedding. Here are a few things to get to when you get back from paradise with your loved one:

Tackle the thank you notes
Remember all of those spectacular gifts (and maybe some less-than-spectacular) your guests gave you on your special day? Well, they deserve a thank you for offering you this present and taking their time out to celebrate with you. These don’t have to be novels, just short and sweet notes expressing your gratitude. People are going to notice if you put this task off, so block some time out of your day to cross this one off your list.

Spring cleaning … even if it’s not spring
You and your spouse are going to want to start fresh together. This unfortunately may mean a bit of cleaning around the house. She Finds suggested going through closets and cupboards to clear out anything that you no longer need. We understand this probably isn’t as exciting as walking down the aisle or boarding the plane to your honeymoon destination, but this cleaning will start the two of you off with some good karma.

Change your last name
If you’re a traditional bride and are opting to change to the last name of your spouse, after the honeymoon is the time to do it. Changing your name before the honeymoon would make things a bit more difficult because your name has to match your travel documents. This process generally takes about four to six weeks. According to The Knot, you should get your marriage license, fill out an application for a new social security card and change your license at the DMV.

Set aside gifted cash
Many of your wedding guests may have given you cash as a wedding gift. If so, you and your spouse have to sit down and determine where that money is going. You should get used to openly discussing finances with your loved ones to make sure you both always know where you stand. This cash could go toward your new house, paying off debt or setting it aside for an emergency fund.

What other essentials are you going to cross off your list after the honeymoon? Share your thoughts with us!