There’s one thing that can help to transform your wedding into a whimsical environment (besides you and your beautiful groom, of course). I’m talking about the background. Sure, during seventh grade picture day, that backdrop certainly didn’t do me any favors. But for weddings, it’s a completely different story. A backdrop is often on the bottom of every bride’s list and well, I don’t blame you! At first glance, the cake, the dress and the reception venue are some of the most important decisions to make. However, you’ll definitely want to pause to think about a backdrop. These can turn even the most dull of rooms into a wedding paradise for your big day.

What are backdrops?
Wedding backdrops are exactly what they sound like. They can be used to amp up the altar, your reception space or your wedding pictures. The stunning pictures that result are one of the biggest reasons why brides opt to have a backdrop. And if you search through Pinterest for a bit, you’ll know why. These are seriously gorgeous. These backdrops can really work anywhere that your heart desires. They could stand behind you at the altar, behind the cake table, at the reception or even near a photo booth.

What are some backdrop ideas?
Let me tell you, there are backdrops for every wedding style you could imagine. However, there are a few DIY backdrops that really stood out to me that I absolutely couldn’t resist sharing with you all today:

Paper chains
Remember making paper chains in elementary school? Well, those art skills could certainly come in handy when it comes to your wedding. They contribute playful charm while still maintaining a feel of elegance. These are also super versatile being that they come in a variety of colors and patterns. The Knot suggested pulling off this look by mixing and matching color, size and length.

Paper fringe
A fringe backdrop is another popular choice among brides. It’s so easy to work with and you can choose from virtually any color or pattern you would like, much like paper chains. However, paper fringe allows you to create different effects, like ombre. Capitol Romance noted that placing text over this backdrop works especially well. All you need to create this backdrop are foam board, tissue paper, scissors, a ruler and double-sided tape! This could be a great bonding activity for you and the bridal party.

Holiday lights
Imagine looking back on your wedding pictures and seeing you and your groom dancing the night away in front of a curtain of lovely lights. They really add shine and warmth to your wedding as well as all the photos you’ll look back on.

Do you have any more ideas for a stunning wedding backdrop? Share your thoughts with us!