Being engaged myself, one of my duties has been to put together the wedding program. That’s when I realized that I actually have no idea what goes into a wedding program and how each element should be included. Of course, after researching a bit, I’m finding out that what goes into the program really depends on the style of your nuptials. If you’re clueless like me, here are a few of the basics to include in a wedding program:

The cover
Of course on the cover you should probably include you and your groom’s full name. You wouldn’t want your guests forgetting whose wedding they’re at, right? According to The Knot, you can also include the city and state where the nuptials are taking place. Some couples who wish to have more formal nuptials opt to spell out the date, but if your wedding is a bit more of a casual affair, many usually stick with the numbers. Feel free to take some creative initiative here to really set the tone of your wedding!

Musical selections
Whether you’re having pre-recorded or live music during your wedding ceremony, many opt to list these in the program along with the lyrics (if you want) and the composer or performer of the song. This makes it super easy for guests to follow along in the program so they always know what’s happening and what to expect next.

List the wedding party
Some of the guests at the wedding may not be as familiar with your wedding party as you are. Because that’s most often the case, the programs are the perfect place to list out the members of the wedding party as well as their relation to the bride and the groom. If you really want to get creative, you could even opt to put a fun fact about each member of the party for guests to read up on before the big ceremony begins. It’s also the perfect way to set the tone for a more fun and laid-back wedding.

Name the officiant
According to The Knot, traditional couples opt to put the name of the officiant to keep things formal – especially for religious or secular ceremonies. If you have any special readings as well, these would be a good thing to list in the program so the guests are aware of where the ceremony is at as well as what special passage is being read.

Proposal story
Wiregrass Weddings had this great idea of including your proposal story into your program (and since mine is super awesome I’ll definitely be doing this). Including the story can give your guests an in depth look at your relationship and add a special, romantic touch to the program.