The only thing more important than what you wear down the aisle is what you wear underneath it! Of course, only your spouse-to-be will see this outfit. But that doesn’t make the decision any less vital. But with the wide variety of elaborate wedding gown styles, finding lingerie that doesn’t show can be quite difficult. Here’s what to do and what not to do when it comes to what you’re wearing under your dress:

Do get creative! After all, this isn’t just a typical night. You’ll want something unique that’s going to knock your loved one’s socks off. However, there are a few guidelines that come with this one. Keep in mind this is what you’re going to be wearing for the entire day. So make sure that it’s something that you’re going to be comfortable in and allow you to dance the night away with your friends and family.

Do match the color of your gown. You may look great in black lingerie, but you don’t want that showing under your stark white dress. Sapphire Weddings suggested either white or nude colors for an elegant and sophisticated look. If you’re really set on black or any other bright colors, don’t be afraid to pack those for the wedding night. Just don’t wear them under your dress!

Do shop around. Whether you go by yourself or bring your best friends along with you, trying on different styles can help you determine what you like, what you don’t, what looks best on you and what’s better left in the store. Who knows, you may even like a style you originally weren’t a fan of!

Don’t choose lingerie that takes away from your body shape. You’ll want to choose pieces that play up all of your curves. If you’re especially proud of your bust, shop around for lingerie that is going to enhance that feature. If you’re all about your legs, look for pieces that show your gams off.

Don’t have a visible panty line. This may only be an issue if you have a tight fitting gown. You want pieces that are going to be invisible to the eye. This means wearing hipster styles or low-rise thongs. This will help your shape¬†be accentuated in the best possible way for your big walk down the aisle.

Don’t forget to be sized. On your wedding night, you’re going to want to wear lingerie that not only fits snugly, but looks great as well. Choosing a bra that is too large or too small won’t be doing your body any favors.

Do you have any tips for sporting sexy lingerie under your wedding gown? Share your thoughts with us!