Once all the wedding excitement has died down and you settle in with your new spouse, you’ll have the decision of what you want to do with your wedding dress. Unless you’re planning on walking around the house in your gown, you’ll probably want to find something to do with it. Here are a few options that other brides are going with:

Trash the dress
You may have heard of this unique wedding trend that’s quickly gaining popularity. And if you don’t know what this is all about, it’s exactly how it sounds. After the big day has come to an end, you plan a session with your photographer where you and your new spouse trash your dress! You might think, well, I just spent a good amount of money on this, so why would I want to ruin it? Let’s be honest, you probably won’t be wearing this out to dinner anytime soon, and it makes for great pictures you can look back on for years to come! Some couples choose to take intimate pictures in the ocean, while other options include using paint or taking romantic photos in the pouring rain.

There are a large variety of locations that will gladly take a used wedding dress. Why not let someone else enjoy your beautiful taste in wedding wear? And the best part is obvious – you’ll get some cash back!

Although you won’t be getting cash with this option, you’ll be getting an intrinsic reward: giving your beautiful dress to someone who may not be able to afford one. The Plunge Project said that many brides consider giving their gown to Brides Against Breast Cancer, Bridal Garden or Glass Slipper Project. All are great causes!

Consider taking your wedding gown to a tailor to have it transformed into the type of dress you might want to wear to other occasions. Have them shorten it up and alter some details so you can wear it to cocktail hour with the girls and have a few more wears out of your gown. You could also wear it for a date night with your new spouse. It would be a great way to recreate the romance of your wedding night. And what better way to get your money’s worth?

If you simply can’t part with your gown after your big day has come to a close, you don’t have to! Consider getting your gown preserved so it stays just as beautiful in a few years as it is now. Bring your dress to the nearest dry cleaners to have it pressed and cleaned so it will look as good as new even after a few years.

What do you plan to do with your wedding gown after your nuptials? Share your thoughts with us!