Hey you brides out there, do you have any words of love you would like to share with your groom, best friend, sister or parents before the wedding? What about a sister wanting to express a little snarky sentiment to the bride-to-be? Well, we’ve got the perfect way to do so: love notes.

What are love notes?
We’re not talking about the notes you passed to your fourth grade crush under your desk. These love notes are full of sass, snark, fun and of course, love. If you remember those hilarious ecards riddled all over Pinterest, these love notes are pretty similar. And might I add, just as humorous. Let me share a few of my favorites with you:

From the bride to a parent…
“If the lady at the bridal show is hovering, clingy or overly excited for me, I may knock a dress rack over for the purpose of distraction.”

From the bride to a best friend…
“If I try on a wedding dress that will draw more attention to my cleavage than my marital vows, please object.”

From the bride to the groom…
“Promise me that you will make sure your best man and groomsmen will not make your bachelor party a sequel to “The Hangover?”

From the groom to the bride…
“Please don’t make me wear the powder blue tux with the ruffled shirt just because your friends say it’s the next big trend.”

From the best friend/sister to the bride…
“I would be honored to dance with you to “Baby Got Back” and any other 80s rap songs the groomsmen are sure to request.”

If you’re loving these as much as we are, there’s much more where these came from! And if you have an inside joke or special sentiment you would like to share with a loved one, whether you’re the groom, bride, best friend or family member, these love notes can be personalized. This way, you can remind the bride not to seat you next to her persistent, single cousin and the bride can express how she feels to the groom about his mother’s opinion on the reception seat covers. And one of the best parts is that you can share these on Pinterest and Facebook! No matter your role, these love cards provide you with the perfect outlet to say those things with love. (And of course a little snark.) Be sure to check these babies out, and just try to pick a favorite.

Which love note will you be sharing with you loved ones on your big day? We wouldn’t blame you if you chose all of them. Share your thoughts with us!

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