I have unlocked the key to a great wedding wedding theme … lock and key! (If you didn’t already catch onto my super subtle, ultra lame hints). Just as you and your groom have unlocked the key to your heart, you’ll also unlock a bevy of ideas for your big day. This extremely versatile theme works for a formal affair as well as a more simple and casual wedding. It can also add a rustic and timeless feel to the nuptials. Here are a few ways you can create a lock and key themed wedding:

One of the easiest ways to incorporate this theme into your nuptials is through your bouquet. Modern Weddings Hawaii suggested wrapping a small, vintage key around the stem of your arrangement for the perfect antique accessory. For an even more timeless feel, opt to add some lace to the stem of your blooms alongside the key.

This Lock and Key wedding invitation gives guests a hint to your key-themed day and really gives off the feeling of everlasting love – a great vibe to give off for your wedding day, don’t you think? Pinterest also had the brilliant idea of wrapping a small key around your invite with some string for a different way to incorporate the theme and bring in a little bit of texture to your wedding invitations.

Wedding photos
Pinterest came to the rescue again with this romantic idea: how about including the lock and key in your wedding photos? Instead of taking a photograph of just you and your groom’s wedding bands, place them over a vintage skeleton key. This will help your theme to be remembered for years to come and shows that you have truly found the key to your heart – each other! (Aww).

Save the dates
Attach a vintage-looking key to your save the dates. This is ultimately the “key” to getting into the wedding! Modern Wedding Hawaii recommended attaching the key to paper that has been slightly discolored to make it look like a timeless keepsake. This idea is super simple and would go perfectly with the theme.

Table decor
Turns out your napkins can be used for much more than wiping your mouth and hands. They offer the perfect opportunity for more decor. Wrap a key of your choice around the napkin for the perfect napkin ring. You could even let guests take them home as a wedding favor so they can use them later and be reminded of your special day.