Ever since I saw April’s article on alternative footwear for the bride, I was inspired to write a similar article catering to the groom and what he wears on his feet. Of course the traditional shoes would be the classic black dress shoe, which I think is both dapper and timeless. But what if there are guys that are looking to inflect a bit more personality into their style? And hey, if you’re not having a formal wedding, you shouldn’t have to settle for formal shoes. I dug up a few styles that are perfect for the big day and stray from the typical wedding shoe:

The best part about this option is that they come in a wide variety of shades. They range from black, gray and green to tan, white, ivory and more. You’re more likely to not find the color you’re looking for. And just like April said, comfort is key. With these babies, you won’t have to worry about getting blisters out on the dance floor.

Boat shoes
These nautical shoes, much like Keds, are also found in a bunch of styles and colors, making it easy to choose one that fits the feel of your wedding. Although these would especially be perfect for a beach or nautical-themed wedding, they’re great for a more casual affair as well. You could even opt to have your groomsmen sport the same shoes to create a coordinated look. I saw some groomsmen on Pinterest (yes, I use Pinterest) wearing some navy blue and brown Sperry Top-Siders paired with white pants for an especially awesome beachy look.

I’m now finding that wearing Converse shoes when saying “I do” is a lot more popular than I thought. To me, they’re the perfect way to put a bit of personality into your ensemble and really stand out from your groomsmen. After all, you’re pretty much all wearing the same outfit. If you’re too nervous to wear them down the aisle, keep them for the ceremony when you can really put your dancin’ shoes on, if you know what I mean. Who knew shoes you loved in seventh grade would be appropriate for your wedding?

If your lady is sporting the cowboy boots, why not do the same yourself? Of course this may only work well if you’re having rustic or country-themed nuptials. But us men can pull off cowboy boots just as well as the ladies.

Do you have any more great ideas for alternative footwear options for the groom? Share your thoughts with us!