Before you make the trek down the aisle to your love, both you and your groom will likely be busy with the process of getting ready. Take a moment to slow things down and surprise your other half with a little something to remind your guy that this day is just as much about him as it is about you. They don’t have to be extravagant, planned out surprises to melt his heart – little things will do just fine.¬†Try a few of these special ideas:

Sew a message
Before you walk down the aisle, sew a little personalized message into the back of his tie for the wedding day. Something like “I love you” or sewing your name with the wedding date will be perfect for a short and sweet message. He’ll find your lovely words while he’s getting dressed and be reminded how lucky he is to be marrying the love of his life.

A letter
Write a heartfelt letter before the ceremony telling your groom one last time how you feel before taking the leap into marriage. Some couples even arrange for them both to read letters from each other before the ceremony and have their photographer capture the heartfelt moment. There are so many emotional pictures all over Pinterest of couples reading the words of love from their spouse-to-be.

Give him a sign
When the ring bearer is making his way down the aisle, many brides are¬†giving the little one a sign to carry for the one standing at the other end of the aisle. It could range from “Here comes your girl” to “It’s really happening” or even “Run, groom, run!” It will give him a chuckle and calm his nerves.

Play his favorite tunes
On his way over to the ceremony, put a CD you made especially for him in the car so he can be reminded of you and put him at ease with some of his favorite songs. He can spend the entire ride over thinking about his lovely bride (not that he won’t be doing that already).

Surprise snack
One of the only things your man loves as much as he loves you is most likely food. So what better surprise to give him than some delicious treats? Once the reception is in full-swing and your guests are starting to get hungry again, bring out some surprise treats that you made especially for the groom. Just another reason for him to add to the list why you’re the best wife ever!

Will you be surprising your loved one before you exchange vows? Share your thoughts with us!