Turns out, wine is good for a lot more than a night out with the girls. Red wine is good for your heart, is high in antioxidants and is also perfect for a wedding! And we’re not talking about just drinking it (although that’s a must). The good stuff can be incorporated into your reception decor as well! Here are a few creative ideas for you to consider for your big day and add a touch of class and elegance:

Guest book
Leave out a few bottles of wine and a few permanent markers outside the reception for your guests to leave their well-wishes. Some brides opt for each bottle to have a different date. One could have the date of your first date, your first kiss and of course the day of your nuptials. You could also label these bottles to coincide with anniversaries down the road. When that date rolls around after your wedding, crack open that bottle of wine for a celebratory drink with your husband.

Place card holders
These cute card holders are all over Pinterest – and it’s no surprise why, they’re adorable! (And super easy to make yourself if you have a tight budget). Simply take the cork from the wine bottle and cut a slit in the top for the place card. These corks also work well to identify table numbers at the reception.

Wedding favors
Send your guests home with a reminder of your wine-themed nuptials with wine bottle stoppers! Many offer wedding-themed stoppers embellished with hearts on the top or even a ring. You could even opt to send your guests home with some of the delicious wine that was served on your big day. What better way to say thank you than giving them wine? Of course wine can be expensive, so if you have a tight budget, you may want to keep the bottles mini-sized.


Make your invites look like they came straight from a winery with this elegant invite: Wine Country – Invitation. It’s unique artistic design makes it look like it’s been sketched by hand, producing an elegant and formal feel for your nuptials.

Switch up cocktail hour
Squidoo suggested opting for a small wine-tasting in place of cocktail hour before the reception. This is perfect for a more formal affair and lets guest try out some of their (or your) favorite wines. To incorporate even more elegance, have waiters dressed in tuxedos pour the wine samples. If the waiters don’t already have white gloves, you could opt to provide the staff with them yourself for a cheap and easy way to up the class.