With all the talk going on about honeymoons, I felt like my ultimate wisdom would surely be welcomed on the subject! And you know me, I’m not one to easily back down from a bit of friendly competition. Actually, I kind of create competitions where there weren’t any before (like right now!). What can I say?

So as I was reading through the suggestions of Heidi and April (both of which had some pretty stand-out ideas), I kept thinking of other places to bring up myself! It’s true, you know, that a one-size-fits-all honeymoon doesn’t really exist as it is. I’m in the planning stages of my wedding actually, and I gotta say that planning the honeymoon is one of more exciting parts of arranging your wedding. I mean, I’m a tablescape designer whiz, prodigy, call it what you will … but my true talent lies in being unusual and weird.

If you are looking for a destination idea that is a bit more unusual and off the beaten track, I’ve got some great ideas for you! Why not head to South America? Uruguay to be more exact. So many couples these days jet off to the Caribbean or trek through romantic European cities together. Well, ditch the norm and head off to South America. A recent article for Explorra detailed that although Uruguay is small in size, it is South America’s hidden gem. In Uruguay, people will find pristine (and truly secluded) beaches, resort cities dotting the Atlantic coast, beautiful gardens and unique cultural traditions anchored in art and literature for you and your partner to experience together.

Another prime South American honeymoon destination could be Suriname, which is located toward the northern point of the continent, east of Venezuela and Guyana. I mention Suriname’s location because Explorra details that many people don’t even know this country exists. This is great for that romantic seclusion you might be seeking! Also, the area is particularly culturally diverse, providing you with a wealth of activities and things to explore when you’re not laying like vegetables on the beach!

What do you think of my unusual honeymoon suggestions? Did I win? Do you have ideas of your own you’d like to share? Leave us a comment and let your thoughts run free! Also, don’t forget to create your dream wedding Pinterest board, and enter our Pin It to Win It contest to win custom-designed invitations for your ultimate dream wedding! You can find find all the contest rules here.