While I often talk about honeymoons as the ultimate dream vacation getaways, this doesn’t necessarily apply to all couples. There are some really great alternatives to the typical honeymoon that can be budget-friendly, romantic, marvelously unusual and perfectly you! If you’re an offbeat couple, why not embrace an offbeat honeymoon?

I did a bit of research to see if I could round up some unique alternatives to the traditional honeymoon. I found an article in Bridal Guide magazine that outlined eight non-traditional ideas that you might appreciate. The ideas included adventure travel, eco-tourism, educational activities, family trips, mini trips, South America and Volunteer vacations.

One interesting thing I discovered in my research that I hadn’t thought about before is that the traditional family dynamic is not quite the same any more. Bridal Guide magazine tells us that not only are second weddings increasingly common in modern times, but many new marriages include children from previous marriages. In these situations, many couples are choosing to turn their honeymoon getaways into family trips. I love this idea, and think it is really refreshing to learn that newlyweds are making things a family affair! Bridal Guide suggested that these trips are often made to larger resorts that offer activities for both children and newlyweds to enjoy.

If you and your partner both have an appreciation for the environment, eco-tourism could be perfect for your honeymoon. You can find many green resorts around the world that offer you the opportunity to embrace new cultures and engage in recreation that is specific to the region you visit. If you and your partner both enjoy giving back, you could also consider taking a volunteer honeymoon! Bridal Guide detailed that there are numerous tour operators that offer opportunities to join conservation efforts or help rebuild areas that have been affected by natural disasters.

I’m a big fan of the adventure travel idea, and I think it is just really romantic to build new memories with your partner by experiencing a new adventure together! However, I also like the idea of opting for a budget-friendly mini trip to a bed and breakfast.

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