It has been becoming increasingly popular for a modern bride to change up her look in one way or another between the ceremony and reception. Many brides change their gowns, others add new accessories to jazz up their look and some even go through a hair and makeup change. A few brides have told me that the reason they enjoy taking the extra steps to alter their look is that they feel like it is a great way to really wow their guests – and these days, there is more and more focus on making your wedding special and stand out from all the others.

One way to really dramatically alter your look before you make your grand entrance at your reception is to get a gown that is actually two in one. I love this idea. Take a look at this two-in-one wedding dress I came across on The Wedding Wire Blog. How these transformable gowns typically work is that the bride wears the more formal, longer version of the gown for her ceremony and then detaches the skirt portion of the gown to reveal a fresh, shorter gown for the reception. Gowns that can serve a dual purpose like this are a great way to change up your look without breaking the bank on two separate dresses.

Another option for creating a new you for your second entrance would be to alter your hair and makeup. Some brides elect to hire a makeup artist or stylist to transform their hair and makeup, and this could be a particularly good idea for brides who have very intricate hairstyles or just want to be able to stress less. As you are transitioning your hair and makeup for the next part of your big day, remember to keep the setting of your reception in mind and plan for the lighting that will be used. Many brides take their hairstyles from an updo to long-flowing waves and add a bit of dazzle to their makeup designs. Great ways to add a bit of extra oomph to your makeup is by amping up your eyeliner, adding a bit of shimmer to your skin with a highlighting powder and applying a layer of frosted lipstick over your original color.

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