I’ve noticed that more and more couples are opting for themed weddings these days. From outrageous and wacky themes to the more subdued, it’s clear that themed weddings are picking up steam. In my opinion, themed occasions can be a really fun way for couples to plan a day that is more about them as a couple, keeping both the bride- and groom-to-be involved in the entire planning process.

I love sports, but what guy honestly hates them? But there are a lot of sports-fan brides out there, too! Couples that share a love for a certain game can make it a bigger part of their ceremony or reception. I happened to be perusing Pinterest today and came across a few share-worthy pictures of couples doing the sports theme in style! Take a look at this photo of a wedding cake that was designed by a couple to look like the Stanley Cup. I love it, and I kinda want one of my own! Here is another picture that I just had to share of a baseball centerpiece. Imagine what the rest of the wedding looked like if that’s just the centerpiece!

If you and your partner happen to be obsessed Red Sox fans, why not embrace a baseball theme? Maybe you met at a baseball game or when you were both volunteer coaches for the local little league. Sports can take on an important meaning in your relationship, so a sport themed wedding may be just the solution.

Take a look at our modern Love for Baseball Invitation. This invite is absolutely perfect for couples embracing a sports theme for their weddings. It has a modern round shape, which also mimics an actual baseball. The response cards are lined at the bottom with a pair of baseball bats and you can put a photo on the other side of the invite that features you are your partner swinging for the fences!

What do you think about sport themed weddings? Leave us a comment to share your thoughts or a page out of your personal playbook! If you haven’t already begun, don’t forget to create your dream wedding Pinterest board and enter our Pin It to Win It contest to win custom-designed invitations for your dream wedding. You can find find all the contest rules here.