So you’ve just been pronounced man and wife – congratulations! Chances are you will have been married for roughly an hour as you make your way into the reception hall to kick off the celebration. The introduction of your wedding party can set the tone for the rest of the night, so the more fun you have with it, the more fun you’ll have for the rest of your celebration!

There are many ways to really have fun with the introductions. They are typically made by your DJ or bandleader because these people know how to get behind a microphone! However, you can have anyone make the introductions. Many brides or couples actually compile a script of sorts to be read, which provides the announcer with all the essential and non-essential information they will need to properly introduce the gang.

I did a little research to round up some of the ideas that have been used for wedding party introductions. I found people doing certain themes like introducing each member as if he or she is a baseball player. For this idea, the couple even gave each wedding party member a miniature bat to use as a prop for different poses during their entrance. Kinda fun, right? Other couples adopt themes that are more in line with their personality, from donning top hats and canes for a fashionable entrance, to having each party member come up with their own weird way to enter a room. I’ve also come across people planning a whole processional dance party. But hey, not everyone can dance.

Another popular idea for providing your wedding party members with proper introductions is to include a designated section in the wedding program that gives a little bit of extra information on the crew. This can be a great way to break the ice prior to the reception, because all your guests will likely be reading about them, making it easier for them to approach your wedding party during the reception.

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