Many modern couples find the idea of a rehearsal dinner somewhat antiquated or even struggle to understand its significance. Traditionally, the groom’s parents pay for the rehearsal dinner and it is held the night before the wedding, but for modern couples, even the timing of this dinner can take on new twists.

There are a number of fun alternatives to the traditional rehearsal dinner that many contemporary couples are embracing. Rather than have a more formal occasion that doesn’t seem to fit you and your partner’s personalities (or budgets), choose your own rehearsal dinner adventure!

Some couples do group outings in place of a formal sit-down dinner, having their close-knit group hit up a local show or even sporting event. This idea is especially popular with smaller wedding parties. Other alternatives could include having a bonfire or picnic, which allows for a more social, laid-back setting and is easier on your wallet as well. For active groups, an activity such as bowling, mini golf or karaoke might be a good bet! These types of alternatives are great for interacting with each of your guests.

Another idea in the same vein as a formal rehearsal dinner would be to simply have rehearsal cocktails. You could pick a favorite local watering hole to start the night, grab a few appetizers and chat with your guests.

For more conservative folk, an afternoon tea rehearsal dinner could be just the original idea you are looking for. It’s a step up on the elegance scale from a backyard BBQ (also a fabulous idea in my opinion) and not quite as formal as a typical rehearsal dinner. If you’re not the biggest fan of tea or the occasion sounds a bit too dainty for your tastes, you can add a more casual element by opting for a brunch instead. Brunches are always a crowd-pleaser!

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