If you’re in a creative and fun mood, it’s a great time to start planning the tablescapes for your engagement party or bridal shower! While tradition dictates that the bride’s parents host the engagement party and the maid of honor hosts the bridal shower, many modern brides are taking an active role in the planning process. Plus, weddings are evolving and taking twists and turns in the modern era all the time! These days, bridal showers are even being modified to be couple showers, so that everyone is included.

The Knot recommends that whoever is hosting and planning these occasions should consult with the bride as the necessary first step in the process. There are a number of questions that should be considered. What type of venue is most appropriate? Is there a particular cocktail that should be featured? Will it be an all-ladies event, or can the men come too?

April recently shared a handful of ideas for creating awe-inspiring tablescapes for your wedding reception. They were fabulous, but engagement parties and bridal showers are prime spots to really get outrageous or just take a more fun approach to your designs.

I came across this adorable tablescape while I was surfing around Pinterest today that I thought was worthy of a share. It’s nothing too outrageous, and, in fact, it’s entirely quaint and delightful. Blushing pink and white peonies in a ornate vase serve as a centerpiece, which is accented with a Scrabble board that reads “Bride To Be.” AND, the napkins have a stylish menu tucked with them that features the modern chevron design – one of my personal favorites! This arrangement is a perfect example of how you can use personal details, likes and interests to model your tablescapes for the bridal shower.

Take a look at this photo I found on Pinterest, too! I love this tablescape design because it is particularly unique and bold. Rather than use a traditional floral arrangement for a centerpiece, this creative design used a bowl full of kitchen supplies! Who knew kitchen supplies could look so good?

What are your thoughts about tablescapes for your bridal shower and engagement party? Leave us a comment and let us know! And don’t forget to create your dream wedding Pinterest board, and enter our Pin It to Win It contest to win custom-designed invitations for your ultimate dream wedding! You can find find all the contest rules here.