I’ve been doing a little extra research on this topic myself lately, so I’m here to share my vast reserve of knowledge with you! If you’re planning your wedding right now, one of the earliest steps will be your save the dates. But what exactly do you put on your save the dates? Is it different than the information on your wedding invitations?

Save the dates can be relatively simple or rather complex depending on the couple and the occasion, but the general information that is typically included on save the dates include the couple’s names, the wedding date and (sometimes) the location. However, many brides- and grooms-to-be today are opting to include more specific information in the save the dates, and less to follow in the actual wedding invitations. The thinking behind providing more information earlier is that giving as much information as possible early on will make guest planning much easier and leave less work for the couple to take care of later on.

One thing that I would highly recommend couples do for their save the dates is include a link to your wedding website. By making a wedding website early on, you can avoid a lot of the tricky etiquette concerns that may pop up, such as whether or not to include registry information on your save the date. You can put everything that anyone would ever want to know about your big day on your wedding website, and this way, guests can simply consult the almighty interweb for any questions or extra information. If you have a wedding website, then all your save the date would need to include is your name, date, location and website! Sounds pretty easy, doesn’t it?

Oh, don’t forget an adorable photo of you and your partner! A photo save the date is a great way to dress it up and add in extra personal details. Take a look at our En-Twined in Love Save the Date Card in Posie Pink. What better way to announce your pending nuptials that with a picture of your smiling faces?

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