Let the recipes commence! Bartenders, ready your bottles, shakers and blenders! We have some fabulous cocktail recipes heading your way, and I’d like to start the conversation with some fabulous cocktails that will work beautifully for any wedding color palette that features a shade of pink.

Delightfully refreshing pomegranate caipiroska
Any bride out there with an affinity for pink or a taste for antioxidants will love this zesty cocktail recipe I found on Martha Stewart Weddings. To make a serving of eight, you’ll need one cup of pomegranate seeds, one-quarter cup of superfine sugar, one lime cut into 16 wedges, 16 ounces of vodka (that’s what I’m talking about!) and eight ounces of seltzer.

This cocktail is especially easy to make, too! First, take your seeds, sugar and lime, and divide them between the eight glasses. Then, Martha Stewart Weddings tells us to muddle it until the sugar is dissolved. Don’t know how to muddle something? Not a problem! Pick yourself up a muddler (and your bartender is likely to have a few of these bad boys of his/her own), which is a long pestle that has a shape which somewhat resembles a baseball bat. You can use this tool to press the ingredients at the bottom of each glass before you add any of the major liquid ingredients.

After you’ve got your muddling out of the way, throw in a few ice cubes to each glass and top with vodka and seltzer. It’s as easy as that! The lime and pomegranate seeds will not only enhance the flavor and freshness of the cocktail, but it will make for one heck of a beautiful presentation!

Easy-to-make Violet Rose
This recipe is so simple, you’re sure to love it. All you need for a six servings is three ounces of Creme Yvette (creme de violette) and one bottle of sparkling rose, roughly 750 milliliters. Pour one tablespoon of Creme Yvette into each of six champagne flutes or coupes (according to your presentation preference) and then fill the rest of the glass with sparkling rose. Such a simple cocktail recipe could work especially well for brides who want to keep things simple while still adding in elements of elegance to their special day!

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