I know I’ve brought up delightful lock and key details for wedding themes, styles, save the dates and wedding invitations numerous times in the past. However, you can never get enough of lock and key wedding inspiration, and this detail is one of the hottest wedding trends for 2013. Carrying small details like a lock and key symbol throughout all the components that make up your wedding can be an excellent way to add continuity to your wedding theme and style. Plus, if you’re a vintage fiend like me, this particular detail is perfectly suited for your occasion!

One of the reasons that a lock and key motif can work so well for weddings is the symbolism behind it. When I see an antique style lock with a matching key, I almost automatically get whisked away into old age romanticism. I can’t help but think that your beau has had the key to your heart all along and when you met, it was a perfect fit. Call me a hopeless romantic if you must – I am actually totally okay with that description!

While lock and key details are easy to add into all corners of your wedding such as through your centerpiece accents, escort cards, wedding day jewelry and even tablescapes, another prime spot for these romance-inspired details to surface is on your save the dates and wedding invitations.

Take a look at our Lock and Key Save the Date Card, which features the lock and key in a simple design, with an antique key graphic along the top of the card and an antique-style lock that features you and your partner’s initials along the bottom of the card. The nice thing about this design is that it really does illustrate the beauty of simplicity, as the card holds all your essential info and the graphics in a rich red print that just sings of love against a striking white background. A great thing about this design is that you can coordinate perfectly with your wedding invitations and other wedding stationery with our Lock and Key Invitation, Lock and Key Reception Card and Lock and Key Response Card and Envelope.

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