We’ve been talking a lot lately about beautiful multicultural and fusion weddings. The world is becoming increasingly blended, and more and more couples across the country and around the globe are merging customs and traditions in fabulous fusion weddings.

One fusion wedding in this country that comes up a lot in the blogosphere is Indian-American fusion weddings. I’ve got a bit of 411 when it comes to East Indian wedding traditions that I thought I’d share with you! Who doesn’t enjoy a little knowledge drop every now and then?

An East Indian wedding will include customs from West Bengal, Assam, Orissa and other Northeastern states of India. India Netzone tells us that according to Hindu beliefs, marriage is the second stage of the four stages of life and is the stage during which life values are taught. Marriage is more than merely an agreement between two people, it is a lifelong commitment to one another and a sacrament of two souls.

At an East Indian-styled wedding, you can expect to see a lot of bold, bright colors, garlands of exotic and colorful flowers and lots of dancing and celebrating! We actually have just released a new wedding invite design that would be perfect for a wedding with a bit of Indian inspiration, our Exotic Flair Invitation. The picture shows the invite in the Espresso color palette, but it also comes in Canary and Peacock. It is printed on a textured, heavy weight paper and features brilliant colors that are perfectly in style with an Indian-inspired theme.

I found a beautiful Indian-American fusion wedding on the Offbeat Bride blog that really caught my attention! The bridesmaids in the ceremony all wore traditional, brightly-colored saris and henna designs on their hands and feet, and the bride wore a custom-dyed crimson gown for the reception. Talk about ornately detailed – there was something to take notice of in every corner of the ceremony and reception! Sparkling gold details seemed to frost everything from the saris to the tablescapes, reception decor and even the food. The couple had a custom-designed wedding cake that was shaped like a tower of jewel-toned pillows on a gold altar!

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