I have to admit that I love some of those “girly” cocktails – as some of my guy friends will call them if they happen to catch me sipping on an appletini. (they’re just so delicious!) To save face, I usually head straight to the bar in my manliest walk I can muster up and say, “Bourbon, straight up.”

While I have confessed to my love of cocktails that are typically sweeter and extra fruity, I came across a great cocktail recipe that everyone at your wedding is sure to love and feel confident holding in his/her hand. (Did you hear me guys? Teasing is officially off-limits!)

The recipe is for a cucumber gin cooler and I came across the recipe in Destination Wedding and Honeymoons magazine. To make a serving of four, you’ll need eight ounces of gin (Hendrick’s gin is a nice choice because it has a slight cucumber flavor), eight tablespoons of fresh lime juice, a half cup of thinly sliced Persian or Kirby cucumber that is scrubbed but not peeled, tonic water and lime wedges to use as a garnish.

Take your four glasses and fill them halfway with ice. Then, combine the gin, lime juice, cucumber slices and a bit of ice in a cocktail shaker and shake, shake, shake for about one to two minutes. Pour your vigorously shaken mixture into the four glasses, making sure that the cucumber slices are evenly distributed. Finally, top each glass with a bit of tonic water and garnish with a wedge of lime.

Saveur magazine shared a nice tip: If you resist the urge to nibble on those cucumber slices, by the time you finish your drink, the lime juice, gin and sweet tonic water will have caused the cucumbers to pickle slightly and they will have a crisp flavor! So the only decision you have left to make is just how will you notify all your guests to wait to much on the cucumbers? I’m thinking a big sign at the side of the bar that reads, “Resist the urge to nibble your cucumbers until there is nothing left to sip!” Subtle, I know … but it gets the message out there.

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