In the spirit of fusion weddings, which Heidi and I have been talking about a lot this week, I couldn’t resist sharing this outstanding fusion wedding idea I came across on the blogosphere: a chic and elegant warehouse wedding!

Okay, so bare with me for a moment. I know better than anyone that warehouses do not necessarily sing “chic” and “elegance.” But actually, that’s what makes this fusion idea work so well. It’s unexpected quality makes this venue and style combo really stand out!

I found a fabulous post of a real wedding of Molly and Blain on the Bow Ties & Bliss blog where the couple merged elegance and formality with the rustic and modern setting of a warehouse. It was done beautifully! The couple donned black and white formal wear, with the bride incorporating dainty details into her look like a white ribbon around her updo, a pristine white floral bouquet and an elegant floor-length gown with a silver-sheen sash.

The couple took stunning wedding photos in front of the “Warehouse 6” door so the backdrop for their elegance was industrial-looking, worn cement pavement, charcoal doors with wired windows and a beautiful red-brick building! Formal details from the couple’s reception included an elaborate cake design that was adorned with luscious chocolate-covered strawberries and tables covered with chic black fabrics. The chocolate, black and white formal details were only further highlighted by the rustic backdrop of natural brick and cool cement flooring.

This wedding would be the perfect occasion to use one of my all-time favorite wedding invitations, our Hunt for Love Brown Camouflage Invitation. This invitation features hints of industrial flair in the heart camouflage-styled graphic that lines the left side of the card. The graphic is made up of many overlapping hearts in colors like brown, slate and charcoal against the cool white right side of the invite. The formal print helps to fuse together both an elegant and industrial feel!

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