Vegas is the place to be for a wild wedding! Heidi is right that Vegas is still a popular and fun choice for even traditional ceremonies, but part of the fun in jetting off to Vegas is to do things you wouldn’t usually be able to do. So, pick up one of our fantastic Las Vegas themed wedding invitations and start planning.

If you intend on hitting the tables while in Vegas and maybe even having your reception at a casino on the strip, I love the idea of using our Vegas Table Numbers in Black Ink for keeping with the theme! If you are inviting a large party of family and friends to your destination wedding, consider our Las Vegas Skyline Seal and Send Invitation, which features the stunning Vegas skyline in a simple and elegant design.

Keep in mind that depending on how wild you expect your wedding to get, it might not be appropriate for guests of all age levels to attend. However, there are numerous ways to have a wild wedding in Vegas while still being able to have everyone attend. The natural scenery in Vegas gives you a lot to work with! One of the most requested outdoor venues is the Wild Horse Canyon, which can give you and all of your guests a secluded venue among towering red rock formations.

Vegas’ website sums up the adventure waiting for you perfectly when it says, “Vegas is the capital of weird, wild and wacky weddings. Where else can you have Elvis escort you down the aisle, ride into the chapel on a Harley Davidson, get married beach-party style or have your wedding attendants dress like mobsters?”

You could even plan yourself a little extra fun and opt for an outrageous helicopter wedding! There are a number of helicopter wedding packages that even accommodate large groups and they typically take you and your guests (or just you and your partner) from the Grand Canyon to the Vegas Strip as you say, “I do!”

Vegas even has a new Las Vegas Wedding Wagon, which caters to couples that find themselves just a little too hung over from their bachelor and bachelorette parties. The wagon will actually bring the wedding to you for a 10 minute, legal wedding ceremony!

What are your thoughts about my wild Vegas wedding ideas? Leave us a comment and let us know!