Modern couples need modern save the dates and wedding invitations. We have the perfect modern save the dates for you – magnetic ones! Magnetic save the dates can be fun and practical.

The great thing about magnetic save the dates is that they are especially functional! I can’t tell you how grateful I am to receive a magnetic save the date when I am invited to a friend’s wedding, because I can just easily pop it on the fridge or my magnet board and I am sure to remember it! Plus, I get to look at it for months preceding the wedding! I also love it when couples add in photos of themselves for their save the dates because I get to look at their smiling, happy faces – who can resist a happy engaged couple?

Take a look at our Filigree Crest Save the Date Magnet which is customized with a photo of you and your beau and a white filigree crest design, with customizable lettering and colors.  This is just one example of our many magnetic designs, and this is a particularly versatile design that could work perfectly for a number of different wedding styles – vintage, traditional, formal, modern and more!

Another great option to keep things really simple is our Bold Save The Date Magnet, which features all of your essential wedding day information in big, bold lettering in your choice of colors. This customizable option is perfect for those couples who may not want to include photos of themselves and prefer a simpler design.

What do you think about magnetic save the dates? Love ’em as much as I do? Leave a comment or start a conversation with us on Facebook to share your thoughts!