I’ve always loved learning about different cultures and all the traditions that are unique to them. Today, there is more and more blending of cultures in America than ever before (they don’t call us a melting pot for nothing!). I thought I would share with you some of the most unique wedding traditions that I have come across that could be great to incorporate in your wedding.

You’ve probably heard of unity candles. You know, the part of the ceremony when each person uses their candle to light a single, united flame together, symbolizing their new union and partnership. Well, one nifty alternative to this tradition is having a unity marble bowl. For this tradition, Perfect Wedding Guide explains that elders, parents and other family members all mix marbles one at a time in a bowl, signifying the beauty of marriage and blending families. It’s a lovely tradition, isn’t it? Another alternative to the candle is to use a unity sand kit like our This Day Unity Sand Ceremony Set. You get all the same beautiful symbolism without the open flame! Actually, we offer many different unity sand kits. Take a look at a couple of my personal favorites: our Coupled Hearts Unity Sand Ceremony Set or our Unity Sand Vase & Cylinder Selection.

Another unique wedding tradition is known as the Blessing of the Seven Spices, which has its roots in the Middle East. Perfect Wedding Guide explains to us that for this tradition, seven small bowls containing a different spice are placed in front of the bride and groom. The couple scoops a bit of each spice into a small pouch, with each spice representing a different blessing: Rosemary represents prosperity, brown sugar symbolizes a sweet life, garlic is meant to keep you safe, savory represents a balance for your new blended life, nutmeg symbolizes romance, Paprika is for passion and a single bay leaf symbolizes an ‘extra spark’ of flavor.

There are many wedding traditions to consider when you are trying to find one that allows your to express your personality and love for your partner. You can explore the various traditions of the world to gain inspiration for yourself.

What do you think about the traditions I outlined? Thinking of incorporating one in your wedding? Do you have more traditions you’d like to share? Leave us a comment or start a conversation with us on Facebook!