Heidi always has some outstanding, simple DIY ideas, and she inspired me to do a little hunting of my own! I found some truly outrageous and just really cool DIY ideas that I just had to share. Brides who have a knack for going over the top or adding that extra extravagant flair: you are sure to love these ideas! I’m known for taking a less tame approach to many things, and I’m thinking there are a few brides like me out there, too.

I came across this totally rad heart decor idea on Pinterest – take a look! This couple’s wedding was featured on the wedding blog greenweddingshoes.com recently and I just fell in love with this idea. What they did was use plastic bottles and cut them into shapes that kind of resemble flowers. They painted each cut bottle a different color to get a wide array of sights and then compiled these painted flower bottles into a big heart shape. It’s truly a really cool and original idea and can be used by pretty much any bride.

I like the idea of taking your wedding color palette and twisting it up a bit. For instance, if you have chosen a blue and white color palette, use a nifty decor idea like this one to tie in related shades like turquoise, aqua, cobalt, pastel blue and cream!

To take a contemporary and hip approach to your escort cards, I found a great, fun idea on equallywed.com. The idea is to take photos of all your guests prior to your big day (Facebook is a great resource for this!) and have the photos printed on small cards. Equallywed.com suggested putting the photos through Instagram to add a vintage touch to your photos. You can then pick yourself up a metal board to serve as your display and use small heart magnets to pin each creative escort card to the board. It’s really a fun and hip way to make your wedding more your own.

To make the heart magnets, you just need to head to your local craft store and pick up a few wooden heart cutouts and a stack of circular magnets. Pick up a little paint while you’re there to paint the hearts in your chosen color and then just use a glue gun to attach the hearts to the magnet!

What do you think about my hip ideas for DIY heart details? Leave us a comment and share your thoughts!