Tell your guests to get those thumbs ready! Why, you ask? Well, to sign your guest book, of course! The traditional guest book is always a nice touch, but there are so many fun alternatives to a classic signature and note!

Last week, I brought up the Thumbprint Bicycle Guest Signature Poster briefly as part of our discussion on the trendy bicycle designs in weddings. This design is perfectly suited for hip, modern couples, and it allows your guests to leave their mark on your big day literally with a thumbprint! The thumbprint of each of your guests takes the place of a colorful balloon that is carrying your tandem bicycle off into the sunset. I love this adorable twist on the guest book, but it is far from being your only option!

We also have the same idea in a tree design with our Thumbprint Tree Guest Signature Poster. Have your guests fill up your barren tree with lush fingerprint leaves!

If you prefer a guest book alternative with a little less potential for messy fingers, you can forego the thumb and ink combo and instead opt for a classic signature with a twist.

Take a look at our Well Wishes Cards, which you can get in many different quantities. Your guests can use these to write their best wishes for you and your partner and put them into a basket. You can then arrange each guest’s card in a keepsake book like our Well Wishes Personalized Book. This book is great for keeping all of your wedding day wishes safe on your shelf and can easily be taken out to view whenever you feel like reminiscing!

What do you think about my ideas for alternatives for your guest book? Like ’em? Love ’em? Share your thoughts by leaving a comment or starting a conversation with us on Facebook!