Although a picture is worth a thousand words, you don’t want to overlook the visual appeal your invitation font has on your card’s overall appearance. Your font selection can really speak to the formality of your big day and provide an extra hint to your guests.

For your wedding invitations and save the dates, the font you choose is important. Take a look at our lettering styles and the wide variety of choices you have available to you. Block lettering may be perfect for a crisp look, while something like Dorchester Script could be just the thing to add that extra formal and elegant look.

Serif fonts for your wedding could be particularly well suited for a traditional wedding, and “serif” itself stands for the tails that are added to the strokes of the letters. Examples of serif fonts include Adobe Casoln Pro, Bernhard Modern Std, Copperplate Gothic Light and Bauer Bodoni CE Roman.

Sans Serif fonts are those with lettering that doesn’t have any tails. These fonts have a particularly contemporary feel and can be easier on the eyes, making for easy reading, especially when lettering is a bit smaller. Examples of Sans Serif fonts include Century Gothic, Gill Sans, Eurostile and Trebuchet.

Script fonts are a classic choice for weddings because they look as if they are hand written in calligraphy styles and have a number of elegant looking flourishes. Examples of great script fonts include Bickley Script, Edwardian Script, French Script and Wiesbaden Swing. Because these letters can sometimes be difficult to read, consider using script fonts for your names and date and using a serif or sans serif font for the bulk of your information.

For unique weddings, pick a unique font to match. We typically recommend that particularly indecisive couples choose a variety of fonts. By picking a elaborate lettering style and pairing it with a more modern one, you can create wedding invitations that are entirely your own! Take a look at this post from Kates Paper Wedding. This is a great example on how your font can speak a thousand words of its own about your big day!

What do you think about lettering styles for your wedding? Have some ideas or insight of your own? Share your thoughts and ideas by leaving a comment or starting a conversation with us on Facebook!