For your upcoming wedding, you’ll be glad to have all your best ladies standing by your side as you say, “I do!” But just how should you ask those special people in your life to fill the role of your bridesmaids?

There are truly many ways to go about popping this question. A classic approach is to send out individual cards with your request. You could opt for professionally printed cards such as our Wanted Wedding Party Cards, which feature a fun and modern design reminiscent of the wanted posters of the old days and can be used to ask groomsmen as well. Or you could pick up one of our DIY Invitation kits like the In Black and White Kit and really get creative with it! Our DIY kits offer you premium stationery and a blank canvas to work with. These blank canvases let you go wild with creative ideas and personalized touches. One idea I particularly love is that you can hand write
your notes to your bridesmaids-to-be and include photos for a scrapbook feel!

If you are a particularly creative bride, you might consider writing a personalized poem for each lucky lady (or man – these are modern times!) and writing it out on the card for an extra sentimental touch. If the person you are asking is someone you have been friends with since childhood, you probably have tons of fun photos of you two together from when you were younger. These can be perfect for bridesmaid requests!

Some brides decide to take an even more personal approach and take each lady out for dinner and ask them in person. This is not always an option for ladies who don’t live within driving distance, but there are tons of other ways to personalize your invite. Many brides intend to buy their bridesmaids a piece of jewelry to wear on the big day as a way of saying thank you. You could consider buying the jewelry ahead of time and including it in your invitation. If you are getting your lovely ladies a necklace, you can punch two holes in the request card and thread the necklace through. When they open up the card, they will be greeted with a little extra bling next to your words, “Will you be my bridesmaid?” How could they resist such a thoughtful invitation?

What do you think about my creative, classic ideas for asking your bridesmaids to be in your wedding? Leave a comment and share your thoughts!