I dye my hair a lot … a lot, a lot. And whenever I change my hair color, I always pay special mind to colors that will go particularly well with my new locks and the colors that could clash horribly. Whenever I go red, I know to stay away from hot pinks and fuchsias in my wardrobe, and I’m aware that too much black or red clothing while sporting black tresses could wind up giving me more of a gothic look than I aiming for. But there is one color that I adore to use, no matter what hair color I might be rocking: yellow!

Yellow wedding invitations - a delight with grey pairings!

I’m happy to report that yellow is also a hot color trend with weddings right now. Last month we talked about grey color trends … now imagine grey and yellow together. This color palette may not be what first comes to mind when you think of wedding colors, but give it a look – or just check out the Fairy Tale Filigree Invitation – and prepare to be pleasantly surprised.

Since yellow is such a bold and bright color (one of the many reasons I love it so!), using a subdued color in the grey family such as silver or charcoal offers a perfect complement. One way to pair these hues perfectly is to have your fiance or groomsmen don slate or grey suits and use a pop of yellow color for the boutonnieres. You could also use a silver vase to hold lush yellow blooms of alstroemeria or dahlias.

We have an elegantly simple wedding invitation that can help me illustrate just how marvelously these two colors can work together. Take a look at the Flower Child Wedding Invitation, which juxtaposes these two hues perfectly. The floral design plays up objects typically associated with yellow, while grey works as an understated background for the yellow florals to shine.

What do you think about using the hot yellow color trend with a smooth looking charcoal or grey for your wedding color palette? Leave us a comment and let us know!