You may have noticed that we are focusing on hearts this week and I thought I’d share my thoughts on blending the heart motif with a little vintage flair! Sure, you may be more familiar with the heart designs as used on your niece’s glossy T-shirts or the ones you used to draw around your crush’s name in middle school, but hear me out: You can totally take a vintage approach to hearts! In fact, its almost easy since the symbol has been around for thousands of years!

A fun twist on the classic heart symbol is the lock and key symbol with a heart shaped lock or heart-shaped key handle! This symbol is perfect for taking a vintage approach to hearts for your wedding. Take a look at our vintage wedding invitations. Just a quick scan will give you a taste of just how often this symbol comes up for vintage designs.

In general, this lock and key symbol has experienced a rise in popularity over recent years. I found something very fun on Pinterest the other day that I just had to share with you. Take a look. It seems that in Italy, there is a tradition amongst young couples to buy a lock and key and then attach the lock to a bridge and throw the key in the water below. This tradition is meant to be a sign that their love is strong and cannot be broken. How romantic is that?

We have a number of great wedding invitations that can help capture the vintage flair you are looking for. I love the Unlocking Love Invitation because of the ornate details in the design of the lock with the ribbon and the key just entering the keyhole. It just really speaks to the fact that you have found your perfect match and that your wedding will be the moment you and your partner join together! The symbol can also be taken as your partner has the key to your heart. The embossed designs particularly lend themselves to the vintage aspect of these invites and the shimmer paper lends an elegant feel, too!

What do you think about using heart designs for your vintage wedding? Share your thoughts by leaving a comment or starting a conversation with us on Facebook!