When I was a boy, hearts were considered a very “girly” thing. But I’m talking like when I was young, like maybe 10 or so. The girls would have their heart doodles and the boys would stick to their ninja warrior drawings.

As I got older and grew up through my teenage years, I began to associate hearts with Valentine’s Day and Valentine’s Day alone. For a good eight or nine years I must have thought that the only thing to get a lady for Valentine’s Day was one of those heart shaped boxes of candy. It was my go-to gift. (Ah, the good ol’ days)

As a man, I’ve reached the point in my life where I can recognize that hearts are more of a symbol for love than anything else. When I was giving those ladies their boxes of chocolates over the years, I was trying to express my love (or my best guess at what that was at the time). Whether you are planning on using hearts as small accents here and there or building your whole big day around it, heart symbols are great to use in your wedding. As a romantic guy, they just seem to fit!

I actually really like the idea of using hearts for your wedding invitations. An invite like our Romantic Messages Invitation has an incredibly romantic feel to it and the color selection of cool blue and grey takes the heart design and tones it down a little bit. Invitations like these are perfect for weddings if you are trying to steer clear of a Valentine’s Day motif.

We actually have tons of wedding invitations that feature heart designs.
An invitation that can be great for any romantic couple who want a traditional wedding is the Color of Romance Invitation. This invitation is so versatile because you get to pick the color of the ink and tailor your invites to your particular wedding color palette. The heart details across the top are simple enough so that they touch on the pending romantic day without being over the top.

What do you think about using hearts in a traditional sense for your wedding invitations? Leave us a comment and share your thoughts.