I noticed that some of the conversation that has been circling about wedding toasts seems to be subconsciously preparing the newlyweds for an epic battle to combat anything and everything that could go wrong. (Well, not all of it … but you know me, I have a flair for the dramatic and do enjoy a good embellishment!)

Actually, your wedding day toasts will likely be one of the most enjoyable parts of your entire day, because you get to sit back and just hear nice thing after nice thing, best wishes and then even better best wishes! Sounds kinda nice, right? I wish that happened to me more often!

One way to give your wedding reception toasts an extra flair is to make sure you have one of the signature accessories for your reception: personalized wedding toasting flutes.

Personalized wedding toasting flutes like these Embracing Hearts Flutes are signature accessories that will make your wedding reception one you will never forget.A classic and sweet design is used for the Embracing Hearts Flutes. Your name will be engraved in any color of your choosing on one glass and your partner’s name will go on the other. The interlinked heart designs on the stems of the glasses lend a sweet and romantic accent to your round of best wishes.

Wanna share in the fun of flutes? Many couples decide they want to get personalized toasting flutes for the entire bridal party, or even for all of their wedding guests. No matter what your budget for your big day is, make sure to at least get a pair for you and your partner. They will be wonderful mementos to glance at twenty years from now as they sit on display in your china cabinet. Your memories will be literally crystal clear.

Tell us what you think about specialized wedding flutes. Have a design or idea that you would like to share? We’d love to hear it! Leave us a comment!