I adore the idea of beach getaway weddings. That’s not really a secret anymore, I suppose … I just keep picturing myself with my partner on the white sandy beach while the sun sets in orangey yellows behind us. I could go on and on in elaborate descriptions, I swear (seriously, I could!).

So with all this talk about toasting, I couldn’t help but explore the idea of incorporating signature cocktails into my dream beach wedding reception … and I think I came up with the perfect match! I’m not sure if you have heard of the drink called Texas Sunset but this cocktail is not only delightfully fruity and delicious, but it looks like the beautiful setting sun. How perfect is that for a sunset beach wedding?

Signature cocktails can really jazz up your wedding day toasts!

For this cocktail, you will need some white rum, aged rum and apricot brandy for your liqueurs, egg white (strangely enough), some OJ, freshly squeezed lemon juice, simple syrup and grenadine. The way these ingredients are gracefully layered lets the finished product mimic the shades of a tropical sunset. They truly are the most gorgeous drinks and perfect for my fairy tale beach wedding. Just use a simple cocktail glass – the layering of colors will do all the work for you when it comes to making these bad boys look so striking.

A great personalized wedding napkin that you could easily pair with this signature cocktail is the Goldenrod Luncheon Napkin. The gold hue of this perfect square features a sandal graphic that speaks to the sandy elements of your big day. The gold will not only work fabulously against the backdrop of the setting beach sun, but it will pair stunningly with your Texas Sunset signature cocktail. And the cocktail? I mean, tell me, what pairs more perfectly with a tropical occasion than rum?

What do you think about my signature cocktail idea? Did I hit a home run or do you think I struck out? Leave a comment and let us know!