One amazing 2012 wedding trend which is gaining even more popularity as we move forward to Spring 2013 weddings has been to glam up your big day with metallic hues and shimmers. Having a four-year-old daughter myself (who loves herself some glitter!), I can certainly understand what all the rage is about. Metallics have a way of feeling like you are dusting something with a little extra sparkle – it just feels extra special. And don’t forget dazzling! Metallic details are excellent ways to add instant glam to your look and entire wedding.

Add some sparkle to your big day with metallic trends!After researching everything I could find about this sizzling trend, I have found that many sources predict metallic details will be huge specifically in wedding invitations. (Oh, don’t think we aren’t aware!) As April mentioned, we will be launching a new line of invitations that have fabulous metallic details for Spring 2013.

Picture stunning metallic designs for your wedding invitations… perhaps a few metallic mixtures with elegant gold and silver pairings, designs that use colored foils and maybe even a bit of two tone gold? I suppose you’ll have to just wait and see what stunning designs the team comes up with!

In terms of wedding decor, metallic gold is an especially hot color being used throughout weddings right now, often selected for part of the wedding color theme. One of my favorite trends is using gold table liners or tablecloths. I love this idea because it just seems to make your entire reception hall sparkle and glow.

I also love the trend of lacing the edges of your bouquet blooms with metallic silver. This is a simply fabulous way to bring out the sparkle you might have on a gown that includes any rhinestones, gems, sequins or glitter elements.

What do you think about metallic trends for your wedding invitations, decor and flowers? Is this one bandwagon that you’re happy to jump on? Leave a comment and share your thoughts!