As I’ve mentioned in a previous post, I happen to have a handful of tattoos. I love tattoos! And let me tell all you ink virgins out there: once you get your first tattoo, you will be hooked. They have this incredibly addicting quality to them, and I simply cannot think of any other creative expression that is so personal.

One of my all time favorite tats is my first colored-ink tattoo on my back, which weaves across the left side and wanders up between my shoulder blades. I’ll give you three guesses what that tattoo is of … shamrock, you say? I’m afraid not, ladies. Chinese symbol for love, you guess? Eh, wrongo. I’ll give you a hint … read the title of my post! Ah, yes, of course, the lovely peacock feather! Nice guess.

Peacock feathers are truly some of the most beautiful, naturally occurring patterns I have ever come across. The vibrant green, cool turquoise, royal blue and golden yellow are simply jaw-dropping. But more than just the beauty of the feathers, the symbolism is deep and meaningful. Peacock feathers symbolize renewal (perfect for your wedding day!) and all-seeing wisdom.

Peacock feathers for your wedding!

My tattoo actually was the inspiration for one of the newest wedding invitations that I helped design, the Nouveau Peacock Invitation. After reading more into peacock feather symbolism, it really got me thinking about how perfect the peacock feather symbolism works for weddings. For my own big day, I may even sport a gown that lets my feather peek out from behind it (show my true colors, so to speak!)

What are your thoughts about peacock feathers? The colors, the symbolism … maybe some permanent ink? How about fabulous peacock wedding invitations? Leave us a comment!