It’s no secret, I am all about vintage lately. And I love the whole vintage idea for weddings and all the designs that find themselves in this category. I mean, really, is there any better way to look marvelously modern and classically chic at the same time? I think not!

Last week, I couldn’t help sharing some urban vintage wedding invitations with you. (They were fabulous, right?) But I thought that with so many options to go vintage for your wedding, that now I would narrow my focus and take a look at one pretty vintage detail that many of these invites showcase – lace! In truth, lace is the perfect thing to use to add a vintage flair to your big day. This delicate looking, richly textured fabric brings you back to the days of elegant garden parties and adds a romantic touch to any wedding day.

For me, nothing sings vintage like lace. When selecting your wedding invitations, take a look at the classy Eyelet Band invitation. The elegant looking invite incorporates an embossed band that slips over it. If this invitation could talk, it would tell you about the chic days of the 1920s!

Lace wedding invitations could be perfect for a vintage wedding!Scratch the invites off your list, you’ve taken care of that. Now … think cake! You can use lace to accent your cake for you big day and it looks simply stunning! Going for mini or cupcakes? A small strip of elegant tatting around each cake for a small piece of edible art even your hip niece is sure to adore.

How about for table liners? A simple stretch of fabric has never added so much to a tablescape! Wrap your vases in lace fabric, wear a lace gown or add in accents of lace to your wedding day attire by donning a lace headband or selecting a sexy lace garter! I even found an article in that details an amazing DIY wedding decor idea by using lace fabric, spray paint, and butcher paper… The glam of lace is endless when it comes to vintage chic!

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