I have to admit that even I like to feel like a princess sometimes … and honestly, doesn’t every girl? Admit it!

Check out the new collection of Disney Fairy Tale Weddings invitations!Earlier this week, Heidi introduced you to the our fabulous new collection of Disney Fairy Tale Weddings invitations that are the perfect thing for the princess in every bride. I think this collection is absolutely magical and the subtle representations of all our favorite Disney princesses make each and every one of them incredibly versatile and perfect for any happily ever after!

Did you know that you can have your very own Disney fairy tale wedding at one of Disney’s locations? How much more of a princess could you possibly feel like than when you’re standing next to the Cinderella Castle in Florida under the stars, dressed in a princess cut gown and maybe even sporting a tiara? The new Disney Fairy Tale Weddings collection has the perfect wedding invitations to match such a fairy tale affair! The Fairy Tale Carriage Invitation is the perfect teaser for your guests before they head off to Orlando to witness your nuptials in front of the stunning castle! Luckily for you, any carriage you may rent won’t turn into a pumpkin if your ceremony lasts until after midnight!

Disney Fairy Tale Weddings could be the perfect destination wedding for you. I love the idea of heading out to California and having a sunshine wedding next to Sleeping Beauty’s sublime castle or sailing off on a Disney Cruise for a romantic seaside ceremony a la Ariel. In fact, nuptials on a Disney Cruise could be the perfect destination wedding to use the Beneath the Waves invitation and channel your inner mermaid! Just don’t lose your voice!

What do you think about having a Disney fairy tale wedding of your own? Love the idea? What about the absolutely perfect invitations to match? Leave us a comment and share your thoughts!