Last week we brought you the idea of brooch bouquets as an alternative to roses, lilies and other flowers. But you didn’t think our bouquet alternative ideas ended there, did you? Oh no. This week, we’re all a flutter with the idea of…feather wedding bouquets!

Feather bouquets are all the rage with brides who want to add unique flair to their wedding look. Feathers in a bouquet also speak of Old Hollywood glamour, exotic locales, artistic flair, fearless style and everything original (hmm…sound like someone you know??).

Take a look at some of these gorgeous feather bouquets, compliments of Emplume — the originators of the feather bouquet. Emplume says, “Feather bouquets are a fabulous choice for many modern brides who want the money they’re spending to go far. Couture feather bouquets for you and your bridesmaids are definitely something to have and to hold as a memento of your wedding day!”

Emplume Feather Bouquets Photos: Nicole LaDonne Photography

If you thought feather bouquets were just a random bunch of plumage gathered together and plopped in the bride’s hand, these photos from Emplume will prove you oh-so-very wrong. When the feathers are carefully chosen for unique shape, for color and texture, and when they’re mixed with sparkles, netting, gilded accents and even seashells, the bouquets become works of art. Feather bouquets are perfect to use any time of year, but are especially appealing when more tender flowers are out of season. (Tulip bouquet in January? Cha-ching! Feather bouquet in January? Instantly timeless!)

Don’t stop with feathers in your bouquet. Add major plumage and little feathery touches to your floral arrangements, corsages and boutonnieres, table decorations, place cards — even to your hair! And then just watch the romance of your day take flight.

~ Dawn