Are you bored by all the talk about roses, calla lilies, greenery and shapes when it comes to bouquets? It’s ok – not every bride is into flowers! And there’s no set rule that says you have to carry a flower bouquet down the aisle.

There are a lot of creative alternatives to traditional bouquets out there, and the one that’s caught our eye the most is the jewelry or brooch bouquet. Check out some of these gorgeous ideas!

Brooch Bouquets Photo Credit – Tatum Brooke Photography

Don’t you love the color and the sparkle? We do! The great thing about a jewelry or brooch bouquet is that it’s an instant keepsake – you can display it as a permanent reminder of your oh-so-sparkly wedding forever! These particular bouquets are brought to you by one of our favorite Etsy businesses: Silver Stems.

If you plan on making these yourself, you’ll want to start collecting your brooches right away. You can also use earrings, necklace pendants and even ring tops to fill in between the larger pieces. The hunt for the perfect items will be part of the fun! If vintage is your style, check with your grandmothers, aunts and your mom to see if they have pieces in their jewelry box they’d dedicate to your bouquet. Also shop estate sales and check online for great pieces. If you prefer new bling for your bouquet, you’re in luck! Big earrings, rings and brooches are “in” right now, so you’ll have lots to choose from in the jewelry aisle at your fave shops.

Depending on the size of the bouquet you want, you’ll need at least 30 pieces. You can attach them to floral wire and gather them into the shape you like, or you can create a soft shape covered in velvet, satin, tulle or other fabric you love and pin or glue the jewelry to it.

And don’t forget to accent the “stem” of your bouquet! Use ribbon in a color that matches your jewelry and your weddings and wrap the stem. You could also add strings of pearls, beaded trim and rhinestone streamers for a look that’s totally unique and glam.

While you’re at it, why not create a theme? Ask your florist to design corsages that can be pinned on with blingy brooches. Also give a special piece to each bridesmaid to pin on her dress or to her own bouquet to carry the sparkle through. And don’t forget your wedding cake! Save some spectacular jewelry to add to the ribbon on the layers of your cake, or create a brooch bouquet cake top.

Go sparkle!