What could possibly be better than a wedding invitation that’s got the perfect color, pattern and design? How about an invitation with all that on BOTH sides!

Welcome to our brand new double-sided wedding invitations. Your wedding wording is on one side of the invitation and on the back there’s a coordinating pattern, color, design — or better yet, your photo. That means double the impact, double the ways to set the tone for your wedding, double the opportunity to show off just how stylish you are.

Take a look, you’ll see what we mean:


Love Blooms Invitation – those flowers are available in three colors. And they accent the front and back for a gorgeous “pop” of drama.


Geometric Glamour Invitation – the graphic design on the front AND back will grab guests’ attention. Choose from three color options and share your big news your way.

Even better news? We’ll be adding more and more (and more!) double-sided wedding invitations in the near future. So stay tuned and get ready to fall in love with an invitation with twice the style!

~ Dawn

(P.S. If you’ve chosen a double sided invitation with a photo, read this post for some handy tips on choosing just the right picture and getting it uploaded correctly.)